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what makes me do it......

For me, making  jewelry is so simple. I feel creative, so I create...... it's like smiling when your happy........ Committing to a life creatively lived has never been an option for me. I have always felt drawn to express myself in definitive and tangible ways.... And it hasn't been a result of forward movement but rather lateral, with an almost complete rejection of end goals..... I owned and ran a crazy business called Greenscape Silk Design, designing and building thematic sets for movies, special events and huge permanent exhibits like the River Rock Casino and the Vancouver Airport..... I sold my company in 2007 and decided to chill for a wait until the next passion arose, I didn't want to rush into anything, but knew something would happen if the door was open..... In 2011, I told my Mother I would happily repair her gemstone necklace and as a result, I developed a fascination with gemstones and silver work and thus started my journey into the world of Handcrafting gemstone jewelry....I have now been designing from a collection of beautiful stones, sterling silver and 14k Gold filledtreasures for about 6 years. I collect and use materials that captivate and spark my imagination...... you'll find this an eclectic line with almost classic Edwardian drop pendants and lariats on fine Gold filled chain, long strands of pearls and faceted gemstone beads.... with the occasional flight toward the bohemian, with oxidized silver chains mixed gemstones and the odd sterling bird skull......  

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